An electronic logging device will be a requirement starting next month. After the initial technological change, this new mandate will bring plenty of benefits. 

Paperwork Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past 

December 18, 2017, is just around the corner, which means the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate is officially going into effect. As a fleet manager, you should be ready to follow its requirements. You might think that's only more work and bad news for you. What's wrong with just regular pen and paper?  Well, paper doesn't allow you to keep track of your trucks and drivers the way an electronic board does. Instead of lamenting these new changes, look on the bright side and focus on the benefits. Fleet Clean USA: Dallas has listed some of them for you. 

ELD Mandate: The Basics 

The primary purpose of this mandate is to record the drivers' hours of service and keep them safer on the road. Some interesting facts you should know about the ELD mandate are that the adoption rate has been slow, with many commercial fleets waiting until the deadline to set up the technology. If your drivers are already using automated onboard recording devices (AOBRD's) they can continue to do so until December 2019, at which point all devices should be ELD- compliant. For more information about the ELD mandate, check out this lengthy article at Fleet Owner. 

The Benefits of This New Mandate 

An ELD can Result in More Miles On the Road, Which Means More Money 

Instead of spending over 20 hours a year filling out tiring paper logs and then sending them back to the office, drivers can reduce their paperwork down to 15 minutes a day. ELD's only require the driver to round up to the nearest minute for stops, instead of rounding up to the nearest 15 minutes, giving them another 5- 10 hours a week of driving time. Lastly, instead of spending tedious hours filling out paperwork, they get to spend those hours driving, which means larger paychecks. 

Identifying Bad Driver Behaviors 

As a fleet manager, you will be able to keep track your employees’ driving behaviors. If they have bad behaviors such as hard braking, excessive acceleration, speeding, or hard cornering, you’ll be able to talk to them about it and, if necessary, train them. 

Expedited Inspections 

The time spent at inspections will go by faster because the officer will be able to see your driver's results in a breeze. If there are any logging errors or HOS violations, the drivers won't have to struggle through tons of paperwork to find them. 

Another way your driver can zip right through inspection is by keeping a clean truck. Yes, a clean truck can reduce their inspection time! Call Fleet Clean  USA: Dallas at (877) 477-9274 to learn about their mobile fleet cleaning services and how they can help your company. 

Document Driver Safety 

Electronic logging devices usually document critical events such as truck accidents. The black boxes can capture the driver's behavior before, during, and after a crash. Carriers will have a more precise way to reconstruct accidents and use that information if there are any lawsuits. Keeping your drivers healthy and safe should be on top of your list. 

Time-Sensitive Warnings 

An ELD will give your driver audible alerts when time-sensitive events are coming up. If your driver is missing a required break, the device will let them know before they earn a violation. The device will also warn your driver to pull over somewhere safe when their driving hours are up. 

Better for the Driver's Resume 

Drivers will be able to show potential new employers their documented history of responsible driving. The information the ELD provides will demonstrate the driver's responsibility and commitment to safety. 

Communicating Home Will Be Easier 

The constant need to make check-in calls between the driver and the dispatcher will be a thing of the past. Drivers won't need to take their attention off the road to relay their location and how many hours they have left. The ELD will easily provide the dispatcher with an accurate position of the driver on the map, without the need to interact over the phone. These tracking systems will also help carriers counter claims from shippers and receivers declaring their drivers were delayed. 

Lower Insurance Premiums 

This isn't a fact, but usually, fleets with ELD's can receive lower insurance premiums because they are much safer. The use of new technology can bring your fleet drivers better protection and lower your insurance costs. 

Keep Your Fleet Clean With Mobile Truck Washing in Dallas 

A clean truck can help you retain your drivers and manage a more successful fleet. Fleet Clean USA: Dallas can wash your trucks while you choose the best electronic logging device for your fleet’s needs. Call the cleaning company at (877) 477-9274 to schedule your full interior and exterior cleaning.