Driver shortage affects the whole country alike. If only fleet managers could learn from each other to prevent losing drivers…well, they can! How? By learning the most common reasons why drivers quit, you can work on retaining your employees.

6 Reasons Why a Driver Chooses to Leave

There is a driver shortage and, as a fleet manager, you know that is true. The whole process of retaining and recruiting drivers is stressful and exhausting. In the course of trying to keep your drivers you should consider the reasons why they’re leaving so you can take the necessary steps to prevent that from happening. Retaining your drivers means spending less time looking for and adjusting to new ones. Spend less time recruiting drivers by improving your current drivers’ work conditions. Fleet Clean USA: Dallas has enlisted some of the most common reasons why drivers quit their companies.

The Pay and Perks Are Not the Best

Money is a pretty common reason why any worker would choose to quit their job. Still, drivers often complain about not getting enough miles or insufficient perks. Research shows that most carriers pay around the same amount per mile, so it's all mostly about the lack of benefits. Many drivers would prefer a better health insurance or retirement program over more money. Driving a truck is a very demanding job, so it should be rewarded accordingly. Curiously enough, money-related issues are not the number one reason why drivers quit.

Time at Home

“There’s no place like home.” That statement applies to every driver on the road. Many drivers complain not only about the insufficient time at home but about the infrequency and unpredictability of the time they do get. The problem with long-haul trucking is that there’s a lot of downtimes while out on the road. If the driver is going to go days without getting paid, they might as well spend those days at home. If you’re looking to retain your drivers, try to fulfill their home time requests with more frequency, dispatch them efficiently, and schedule their home days in advance so they can make plans.

Problems With the Equipment

The maintenance frequency and the conditions of the trailers can make a driver walk out of the company. The age and state of the equipment are highly important factors to drivers, after all, they practically live in their trailers. Truck maintenance should be scheduled efficiently. While the truck is getting fixed, the drivers could comfortably take that time for themselves, instead of having to sit there waiting until the mechanic is done. Often the relationship between the driver and the mechanic is what pushes the driver out. The technician might not see the importance of problematic details the driver mentions, so they won’t get them fixed. The truck is essentially a driver’s home, and the mechanic should be able to understand the importance of the equipment's maintenance to the driver. Talk to both your mechanics and drivers about effective communication. Another thing to consider when it comes to the state of the equipment is how it looks physically. A dirty truck can cause the driver a lot of trouble on the road. It’s your responsibility to provide your employees with a clean and functioning workspace. You can get your whole fleet cleaned wherever you are by calling Fleet Clean USA: Dallas at (877) 477-9274.

Bad Relation With the Supervisor

No one likes to work in an uncomfortable environment. The supervisor can make all the difference in the workplace. The thing is the driver might not wish to leave the company; they might only want to get away from their supervisor. Sometimes it all falls in the way people connect with each other. A driver might not get along with a dispatcher or supervisor because of the way they give out orders, but they might mesh better with another supervisor who communicates differently. Keep your drivers involved and working on your manager’s leadership skills, knowledge, and attitudes towards the drivers. The fleet drivers must feel respected and considered in the decisions, and the supervisor needs to make them feel this way. The manager should show they care about the driver's well-being and value their presence in the company. Some companies offer profiling services to match drivers and managers, as a fleet owner you can look into that. Here are some tips on how to improve relationships in the workplace.


Many drivers feel oppressed by the excessive rules they need to follow. They all come from different backgrounds, and they are all supposed to follow the same standards that establish when they can drive, sleep, eat, and rest. People are different, and a single rule can’t possibly work for all. Give your driver a little more space, within the realm of reason, to do their job.

Clean Cabs Make Happy Drivers

The work conditions affect a driver's willingness to remain in the company. No driver wants to deal with the consequences of a dirty truck. The inspections and potential vehicle problems only affect their performance. It's up to you to provide them with a clean workspace, a.k.a a clean truck. Fleet Clean USA: Dallas offers a variety of cleaning services to keep your fleet looking at its best. Go ahead and call them at (877) 477-9274 to request a free quote.