Rain can make driving dangerous. Fleet Clean USA in Dallas, TX has put together this post that you can share with your drivers, so they can stay safe while driving in the rain.  

How to Drive Safely When it Rains 

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Maintain Your Fleet Properly 

First things first: you should maintain your fleet properly. A malfunctioning vehicle (i.e. one with bad tires, unresponsive brakes, or a damaged engine) is far more likely to get into trouble once the roads start to get wet. 

The fleet’s maintenance should include getting all of the cars professionally washed. This way, any debris, dust, or other residue won’t get in the way of your drivers performing effectively, even if it’s raining outside. 

Pay Attention to the Road 

Needless to say, your drivers should always pay attention to the road. However, since the conditions are a bit more difficult when it rains, they should be paying extra attention to it. The roads are slippery and their field of vision has been reduced, all of which can make a recipe for disaster if the driver isn’t ready to react appropriately to the situations that present themselves while they drive. 

Make Use of the Windshield Wipers 

As previously stated, the rain reduces the drivers’ fields of vision. In part, this is because all of the water that is falling upon the windshield. To ensure this won’t get in the way of your drivers doing their job successfully and safely, they should know to use the windshield wipers as they drive in the rain. Just guarantee that said wipers are in good condition, ready to be used. 

Employ the Vehicle’s Lights 

Seeing, being seen, and notifying your intentions can help you stay safe while you drive when it’s pouring outside. For that reason, you should ensure that your drivers keep their lights on at all times when they’re driving in the rain. Not only that, but they should know how to use their blinkers, hazard lights, high beams, and more, effectively, so they can remain safe. 

Turn On the ‘Defrost’ Setting 

The difference in temperature between the inside and the outside of the car, can create foggy windows. Needless to say, this can be incredibly dangerous, as they won’t allow your drivers to see the road well enough. For those occasions, their safest bet is to turn on the ‘defrost’ setting, so they can reduce the amount of fogginess inside the car. 

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Drive Around at a Slower Pace 

Being a fast, reckless driver is bad news, no matter the conditions outside. However, when it’s raining, the chances of you getting into an accident increase considerably, especially if you’re speeding down the road. For that reason, it’s important that you remind your drivers to go at a slower pace when it rains. 

Keep a Greater Distance 

Once again, when it rains, the roads are slippery. This means that a car’s brakes won’t be able to respond as they normally would, since their grip on the road has been lessened. 

That’s why, whenever it is raining, your drivers should know to keep a grater distance between their vehicle and the objects, people, animals, and cars around them. This way, they’ll have more time for the vehicle to slow down and stop.