Fleet management is a difficult job. For any fleet, a fleet manager is responsible for selecting and maintaining vehicles, keeping deliveries and distributions on schedule, keeping records of deliveries and inventory, staying within an established budget, driver management, and more.  

While this is indeed a daunting task, fleet management software can help with tracking and recording of trucks and drivers. Think of fleet management software as a virtual ride-along, one that records data to help you make sure drivers are being safe, vehicles are kept in good shape, and routes are being planned optimally. 

There are a lot of fleet management solutions available. However, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what type of data you want to collect, so you can easily incorporate a system into your existing operations. Need help deciding what fleet management software to use? Business News Daily has information on the types of questions you should ask when deciding, as well as a quiz that helps you narrow down some choices. Below, we take a look at a few of the many options available. ​ 


ClearPathGPS uses individual key FOBs to “check-in” to vehicles. This lets you track the drivers and vehicles independently. They also provide geofence functionality that lets you designate map locations to help automate arrival and departure. These geofences can also be configured to send emails under certain conditions, for example an after-hour arrival.  ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ 


Fleetio touts improved communication as one of their features. They allow fleet managers, drivers, safety directors, part managers, mechanics, supervisors, vendors, and more, to communicate and access the same dashboard. Their maintenance and repair features help you forecast service schedules, manage parts and inventory, and allows you to carry out maintenance and purchasing workflows. In addition to their maintenance functionality, Fleetio supports electronic vehicle inspections that will help you stay in compliance. Fleetio also offers an API integration so you can use your Fleetio data in third-party applications. Mobile access is provided through iPhone and Android applications. ​ 


GPSTrackIt offers many driver management features: they allow driver IDs to help automate time sheets, and the system is able to monitor rapid acceleration, hard turns, hard stops, and sudden stops. There are also route comparison features that are meant to help you save fuel. Likewise, they have a commercial routing solution that is meant to help you find the quickest, safest route. GPSTrackIt also offers 24/7 roadside assistance for vehicles, trucks, and trailers. Additionally, GPSTrackIt has solutions that aid in delivery approvals: their Photo Annotation feature lets drivers take photos on the fly and annotate them with comments or E-Signatures, making proof of receipt easier. ​ 


InTouchGPS offers fleet tracking that combines cutting edge technology with an easy-to-use application to provide all the tools for you to easily manage your fleet, regardless of size or industry. They offer live free tracking, a mobile application, and provide their own fuel card as well as free integration with WEX fuel cards. InTouchGPS offers four different hardware options for tracking: a vehicle wired tracking device, a vehicle plug-in tracking device, a trailer tracking device, and a equipment tracking device. Pricing is available at $23.95 per vehicle. ​ 

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR™

DIRECTOR™ is a product of Teletrac and Navman Wireless’ merger. The new software solution offers many benefits in mapping, routing, vehicle analytics, and more. The system’s automation for procedures and maintaining records helps you stay DOT compliant by displaying all regulatory requirements in one place, which can help reduce audits and corrections. DIRECTOR™ also provides driver scorecards that can help identify Patterns of individual or group driver activity to identify areas that need improvement. In addition to the driver scorecard, the DIRECTOR™ software gives you access to in-vehicle notifications. These notifications can be used to give real-time alerts or to include a driver overview of violations or stats after completion of a trip. ​ 

On-Site Dedicated Fleet Services from Fleet Clean USA in Dallas TX

While fleet management software can help you by providing the data you need to make decisions on routes, drivers, and schedules, you will need a non-software option to keep your fleet well-maintained. This maintenance should be made on interiors, exteriors, and trailers. 

Fleet Clean USA in Dallas, TX offers many on-site fleet services, from trailer washouts and interior cleaning to dedicated services so that the moment you need us, we’re already there. Our interior cleaning can be done with steam in order to remove the bacteria that can lead to driver illness and downtime. Call us today at 1.877.477.9274 or sign up for a FREE quote for on-site fleet services in Dallas, TX.