There’s no need to replace all your vehicles to have a more environmentally friendly fleet. Simple changes in your management and truck maintenance can make all the difference. Your fleet will be greener, and you will be saving some money.

Make Your Fleet More Green and Effective

Owning an environmentally friendly fleet becomes increasingly important to companies as we see the effects of climate change. Reducing your fleet’s carbon footprint doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your trucks altogether or spend an enormous amount of cash left and right. A green fleet is made up of more than just vehicles with fewer emissions; it involves changing the company’s policies, educating drivers, careful planning, and starting recycling initiatives. Small changes can bring big results to your finances and the environment. Fleet Clean USA: Dallas has some tips to help your fleet become greener without needing to buy new vehicles.

Driver Training

A course to teach your drivers how to be more efficient on the road is a fantastic idea. Drivers play a huge part in minimizing fuel usage. If you can’t find a company that can train your drivers to use their fuel efficiently, you can talk to them about changing their driving style. Speak with your drivers about being more eco-friendly behind the wheel. Some of the things they can do to be greener drivers are avoiding hard braking and sudden starts, maintaining a steady speed, shifting gears early, and avoiding sitting idle when the engine’s turned on. They should also try to avoid using the air conditioner if they can, and keep the windows closed when they’re driving at high speeds. Making slight changes to their driving style can reduce their fuel consumption by up to 10% and significantly decrease their carbon footprint.

Service Your Fleet Regularly

Well-maintained vehicles perform more efficiently and remain more environmentally friendly. Schedule your fleet’s maintenance regularly, and give your drivers some time off while you’re at it. Relaxed and healthy drivers are less likely to drive aggressively. Change the oil, get new air and fuel filters, and check the spark plugs. Regular maintenance is imperative to keep your trucks long lasting. Another way to maintain your fleet effectively is by keeping it clean. It’s easier to find potential issues when you have a clean canvas. Call Fleet Clean USA: Dallas at (877) 477-9274 to schedule your truck washing appointment in Dallas. They will go where you are and leave your vehicles’ interior and exterior like new.

Care for Your Tires

Under-inflated tires produce a lot of heat because there’s more tire surface touching the road. To help cut down CO2 emissions, check your tire pressure frequently and tell your drivers to do the same. Cold weather makes tires lose air pressure faster, instruct your drivers about proper tire care these coming colder months. Tires should be replaced around every 50,000 miles or so, take this opportunity to invest in eco-friendly tires. This option is more fuel efficient.

Take Advantage of Technology

Management software can help you control your fleet with more efficiency. Technology can help you create better schedules for your drivers and plan better routes. With a GPS tracking system, you can monitor your fleet’s driving procedures remotely. You will be able to pinpoint where your vehicle is and how you can point them to the customer’s location with more efficiency. Your drivers will be able to reduce their idle engine time, speed, and mileage by having better planned driving routes. The GPS system will increase your fleet’s productivity and reduce its environmental impact. Technology can also help your drivers find the nearest and better-priced gas stations for better savings.

A Smart Fuel System

Fuel cards allow you to have greater control over your drivers’ fuel purchases. Creating a smart fuel system will let you know how much fuel is being consumed by each truck and how much distance it’s good for. You will be able to pinpoint which drivers are not following good driving practices or which trucks are not performing at their best.A fuel card can allow a company to benefit from cheaper fuel, but it also allows greater control over driver purchases. Talk to your drivers about filling up the tanks smartly. They can download an app such as Gas Buddy or Gas Guru on their smartphones to locate the lowest gas prices around their area.

Recycle All You Can

Promote a recycling environment within your company. Instead of disposable coffee cups and water bottles, talk to your drivers and other workers about using reusable ones. They will be lessening the amount of waste, and you will be saving money by not needing to restock supplies. Instead of printing out all paperwork, go digital. Electronic timesheets and filing systems will simplify the logging processes. If you’re already considering getting new trucks for your fleets or if some parts of your current vehicles are no longer working, you can recycle them as well.

Wash Your Trucks in Dallas

Keeping your trucks clean is part of the basic maintenance to improve their performance. If the vehicles are clean, it’s easier to spot small problematic issues that can potentially turn into big ones. You can trust Fleet Clean USA: Dallas to leave your fleet looking and smelling like new. Prevention is necessary to maintain a healthy fleet. Call Fleet Clean USA: Dallas at (877) 477-9274 to get your trucks clean inside out.