It's probable that your drivers cruise at night sometimes. To make sure they stay safe while it's dark out, follow the tips in this post by Fleet Clean USA in Dallas, TX.

How to Stay Safe While Driving at Night

As the National Safety Council states, half of all traffic deaths happen at night, even if only a quarter of the driving is done after dusk. This doesn't even include the minor accidents and injuries that take place. To make sure your drivers stay safe if they're driving at night, follow the tips mentioned in this post.

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Make Sure They Can See

As you've probably noticed once or twice during your lifetime, night time is a lot darker than the daytime. So, since your drivers won't have the help of the sun to see and be seen while they're driving, they should use the resources at their disposal to make that happen. This includes everything from functional headlights, a clean and clear windshield, and even their seeing glasses in case they need them.

Remind Them to Use the Lights

Yes, you can make sure that your fleet is equipped with the necessary tools to help your drivers see while driving at night. However, they won't be of much assistance if your drivers don't do a good job at using them effectively.

Remind your drivers to always keep the headlights on, and to use the indicators, hazard lights, and more, as they are needed. Do tell them to be careful with their high beams, though, since they can blind the other drivers on the road and cause an accident.

Don't Get Blinded By the Lights

And since we already touched on the subject of being blinded by lights, you should also instruct your drivers on what to do if they're having difficulty seeing because of the bright lights in the night. However, know that their plan of action will depend on where the light source is coming from.

If the light is coming from the front, they should avoid looking directly at it. Instead, they can be guided by the luminous lines painted by the side of the road. If, on the other hand, the light is coming from the back, your drivers can reduce some of the glare by activating the appropriate setting in their rearview mirror.

Stay Prepared

Of course, you'll want to keep your vehicles as prepared as possible to endure any driving conditions. This includes having a mechanic take a look at your fleet and providing the necessary fine-tuning. Also, make sure your vehicles are equipped with an emergency kit and tools to deal with eventualities. Lastly, remember to get your fleet professionally washed, so it can remain in top shape for longer.

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Drive Slowly

If your drivers think driving fast at night is a good idea, dissuade them from it. In fact, they should be driving a bit slower than usual, since the darkness won't let them see the dangers that could be hiding on the road.

Driving at a slower pace will give them more time to make out what's in front of them, and react accordingly to the events that unfold. This will help them remain safe, even if the conditions outside aren't ideal.

Be Even More Careful

Of course, you should advise your drivers to be even more careful if they'll be driving at night. As mentioned above, the light conditions aren't ideal, which makes driving more dangerous. To stay safe, they should drive defensively, avoid distractions at all costs, focus on driving, and use an auditory GPS in case it is needed.

Rest When Needed

Last but not least, even if your drivers need to meet a deadline, tell them not to drive while tired. If they do, they increase the chances of getting into an accident immensely, since their senses and response time will be impaired.

For that reason, tell them to avoid drowsy driving as much as possible. Not even stopping to drink coffee or a sugary beverage will do. If they're tired, the best bet is to find a place where they can rest before continuing.

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