How to Effectively Maintain Your Truck Fleet

You can’t have a truck fleet without any trucks. Moreover, you can’t have a working and financially viable truck fleet if the trucks don’t work as expected.

Needless to say, looking after a whole fleet of trucks can be a daunting task to manage, but it’s absolutely necessary. If you require assistance to make this task easier, as well as ensure that it will be done effectively, you can follow the tips mentioned below.

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Refer to the Experts

This isn’t the time for a guessing game. If you want to provide effective maintenance for your fleet, you will need to refer to the experts.

For starters, a thorough read at the owner’s manual will help you get a better idea of how the trucks work and what they need to continue operating perfectly.

A professional mechanic will also be able to provide valuable insight on the trucks’ states and their maintenance requirements.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Speaking of which, you must be diligent with your trucks’ visits to the mechanic (especially since they are put through a lot). Keep in mind that this not only includes reactive maintenance (for when a problem presents itself), but proactive maintenance as well.

Taking preventive measures and scheduling regular professional inspections will keep any areas that need it fine-tuned. Waiting until your trucks break can be more costly and troublesome for your operation, so get them inspected at least once a month.

Keep the Information Organized

Handling large volumes of information can be overwhelming. Furthermore, not having a system for it can lead to information being mishandled, and you losing track of your trucks’ needs and maintenance.

That’s why it’s imperative that you use the necessary tools (for instance, an Excel sheet) to organize and manage everything: from the dates of each inspection, when the next one will take place, maintenance and repairs done on each unit, costs, and more.

Only Work with the Best

Sometimes, choosing for the cheapest option in the market is best. However, remember that you get what you pay for, which means that if you want your trucks to perform smoothly for longer, you will need to search for and work with only the best products and teams around.

Instead of going the cheap route, opt for products and services that have high ratings among users. This is not an area to be permissive in, as improper upkeep can result in a malfunctioning truck, which can lead to serious troubles both in finances and logistics for your organization.

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Equip Your Trucks and Drivers

It’s likely that at some point, your trucks will break while they’re on the road (for instance, a flat tire). This less-than ideal situation can be made much less dire, however, if you equip your trucks with a complete tool set that’s in good condition. Moreover, you should provide basic mechanic instruction for your drivers, so they can handle those instances in an effective manner.

Communicate with Your Drivers

Bosses are intimidating, that is a fact of life. Still, when managing a fleet, you need keep communication flowing between yourself and your drivers. After all, they are the ones operating the trucks day in and day out, which means that if there’s a problem, they will be the first to notice.

They may be afraid and hesitant to tell you about it, so create an environment in which they can talk freely and make suggestions without feeling persecuted afterwards, lest you want them to wait to speak up until the problem becomes critical.

Inspect the Fleet Yourself

If possible, you should also consider taking your trucks for a drive yourself once in awhile (once a month, for example). This will give you a chance to check for any issues that may be arising and that the drivers may have neglected to mention. If your fleet is a large one, have trusted coworkers go through this inspection with you, so as to not to burden yourself with this task.

Deal with Problems Instantly

As previously stated, prevention is key in your fleet’s maintenance. However, having the proper reaction to issues with its performance can also have an incredible impact on its functioning and lifespan.

With the amount of use your trucks get, waiting to fix a problem can cause it to become much worse in a shorter span of time. That’s why, to provide proper maintenance, you should tend to these situations quickly and accordingly. For instance, schedule a mechanic visit the moment you notice something is off.

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