The snowy weather makes it harder for your drivers to do their job safely. Read this post by Fleet Clean USA in Dallas, TX for tips on how to keep them as safe as possible when it's snowing.

How to Drive Safely Through Icy Roads

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Go at a Slower Pace

Probably the most obvious tip of them all, but one you should definitely let your drivers know about, is that they should go at a slower pace if the roads are icy or snowy.

As you know, the snow changes the way the vehicle's tires interact with the ground. This makes it far more likely that they'll slip and skid.

That's why it is necessary that they go at a slower pace overall. Likewise, tell them to avoid slamming on the brakes and gas pedal, as they could cause a dangerous situation that could result in a wreck.

Allow More Distance

Tied to the point above, it is crucial that your drivers allow more distance between their vehicle and the objects, people, and animals around it. Once again, the slippery roads, the hindered grip of the tires on the ground, the weight of such a big vehicle, and the less effective response of the braking system increase the chance of a mishap occurring. Allowing more space will give time for the vehicles to react correctly to the drivers' commands before a less-than-ideal situation takes place.

Avoid Hills

Guess what is a bad idea? Trying to maneuver a heavy truck to go up or down a hill when the roads aren't in optimum condition. Needless to say, going up or down a steep hill is dangerous enough when driving a big, powerful vehicle. Now, if you add the snow factor into the mix, you can bet a disaster will ensue.

That's why you should suggest to your drivers that they map their routes to avoid hills. If that's not a possibility, they can try waiting or the conditions outside to improve before daring such a feat.

Maintain Your Fleet

The best things you can do for your drivers, your fleet, and their safety, is to maintain your vehicles in mint condition. This is important year round, regardless of the weather. However, if your drivers will be going through harsh conditions, it becomes imperative that you go through with this.

The tires, the battery, the engine, the lights, the heater, and other key features need to be in perfect working shape. This includes making sure they're clean, so they can perform as expected when your drivers are braving it through the snowy weather.

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Be Ultra Alert

Your drivers should know by now that they need to pay attention to the road when they're doing their job. Still, since the weather isn't the best, they should increase their alertness. Not only is the road slippery, but their ability to see and be seen will also be significantly reduced.

This means they should be well-rested, completely sober, and not distracted at all when they're driving. This will give them the physical and mental agility to react correctly to the circumstances that come up on the road.

Keep an Emergency Kit

And since the chances of a mishap occurring are higher, it's a good idea to provide your drivers with a winter emergency kit that they can keep in the truck.

Said emergency kit should be equipped with warm, thick blankets, water, and non-perishable foods. Likewise, it should have a full first-aid kit and some other useful tools (such as a flashlight, a fire extinguisher, communication devices, a lighter, and other similar equipment). Of course, ensure all of these items are in good shape.

This will help them deal with the difficult situations they can find while driving in the winter wonderland.

Stay Away From Dangerous Situations

This last tip may be the trickiest, but it's still worth considering if you're concerned about your drivers' safety during the snowy days: if possible, deter them from driving.

Of course, this isn't always feasible since they have a schedule to keep up with and a job to do. However, if the weather is bad enough, it can be much smarter to wait for the conditions to improve, rather than putting their safety and their work on the line.

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