Driving during the winter requires changing your driving style and considering many natural factors that might affect your travels. Here’s what your truck drivers should remember to stay safe this winter on the road.

Winter Roads Can Be Dangerous

Winter is upon us, and with it comes the most beautiful sights, especially in green and snowy areas. But those fantastic views come with some danger: icy roads, freezing rain, and all sorts of natural elements. Even the most seasoned drivers can get intimidated by winter roads and their many hazards, which is why it is important to remind them of some easy strategies to remain safe while driving this winter. A true driving pro will show their expertise by practicing safe driving. Here is a list of tips you should remind your drivers of before they take off on their winter travels.

Simple Strategies to Safe Winter Driving

Drive Slow and Keep Your Distance

Yes, your drivers have a schedule to follow, and they can’t waste a lot of time by going very slow, but you should remind them that the time limit is not more important than their lives.

Tires lose friction when the roads are icy or snowy. Cars and trucks react slower under these conditions. Top that with poor winter visibility, and you’ve got a disaster waiting to happen.

The stopping distance on icy roads is double the distance it would take on a dry road. So if your driver is following a lead vehicle, they should know to keep a more significant distance. Drivers should also avoid sudden stops because they run the risk of locking up the tires and losing control of their truck. Instead, they should press lightly on the brakes and come to a gentle stop. They should always keep a firm grip on the wheel to control the truck when the wind gets choppy or rough.

Keep the Truck in Check

Regardless of the season, it’s always important to ensure that the vehicles are in top shape before they head out on a route. Apart from providing regular maintenance, make sure that your fleet is clean.

Your drivers need perfect visibility so the mirrors and windshield must be spotless. The brake and tail lights should be cleaned as well. Maintaining a clean truck is not only safer, but it can also help go through inspections much faster.

Sometimes washing the trucks can be a tiring task, so why not let Fleet Clean USA: Dallas do it for you? They offer complete truck washing services on both interiors and exteriors, and they go to where you are. You can reach them at (877) 477-9274 to know more about their services.

Once the truck is clean, verify that it is fully functioning. Test the heater and defroster, and try the wipers out as well. If necessary, refill the wiper fluid tank, but not with water. Also, try to keep the fuel tank topped off. Obviously, have your drivers check the tire pressure regularly, as tires tend to lose air when temperatures drop.

Prepare Emergency Kits

Winter roads take a bigger toll on anybody's health, so make sure that your drivers do what they can to stay healthy in these harsher conditions.

For example, remind them that it’s necessary that they take their mandatory breaks and drink something warm to help them withstand the cold. Also, make sure that they know to pull over in a rest stop or safe area and not just on the side or the road if they need to rest.

While driving, your drivers should be wearing appropriate clothing that keeps them warm but doesn’t hinder their ability to maneuver the wheel (tell them to try layering and avoid puffy coats).

Likewise, guarantee that they carry an emergency kit with them. It should include an extra set of warm clothes, a blanket, non-perishable food and water, a basic first aid kit and required prescription medication, and a flashlight with spare batteries. Of course, the kit should also include jumper cables, a windshield scraper and brush in case it gets snowy, a bag of sand or salt, and extra battery for their cell phone.

Turn to the GPS

The first thing your drivers should use with winter driving conditions is common sense and good judgment. If the roads are really bad, it is better to be late than to never arrive. But when the weather permits it, they should use a GPS to find shorter routes to reach their destination. The GPS will also let them know about traffic and road closures, provide guided instructions, and make their travels easier so they can reach their destination safely and promptly.

Schedule a Full Cleaning Service for Your Fleet in Dallas, TX

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