The inclement winter weather can be very harsh. To keep the drivers in your fleet safe, provide winter emergency kits. Put them together with help from this post by Fleet Clean USA in Dallas, TX.

How to Put Together a Winter Emergency Kit for Your Fleet

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Tips on Maintaining the Emergency Kit

For starters, you and your fleet should be aware that an important part of having an emergency kit is maintaining said emergency kit. For that reason, you should read the tips below and relay the information to your drivers, so you can all keep the emergency kit in mint shape:

  • Teach Your Drivers to Use It: And speaking of relaying the information to your drivers, you should make sure that they know how to use the tools and items in the emergency kit correctly. If they don't, having an emergency kit won't be of any help at all if they need to deal with an unforeseen circumstance.
  • Keep It Protected: The container in which you keep the tools in the emergency kit needs to guarantee that all of those items will be protected. To that end, it is a good idea to keep them somewhere that's fireproof and waterproof.
  • Place Them Strategically: Yes, the emergency kit needs to be protected in a secure container. However, it's also imperative that it's kept in a strategic place. Doing so will ensure that the driver will be able to access it easily in case a situation arises in which they need it.
  • Consider the Job: Depending on what you use your fleet for, you will need to ensure that your drivers will have the protective gear and tools they will need to do their job in a safe manner during the winter.
  • Keep It in Proper Condition: Of course, if you want your drivers to remain safe in difficult situations, you need to keep all of the tools and items in the emergency kit in mint condition, so they can fulfill their purpose perfectly if they're ever needed.
  • Restock It as Necessary: Finally, a last tip you should definitely keep in mind is that you will need to restock the emergency kits every so often. This way, you can rest assured that it will always be ready to be used in an emergency situation.

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What to Keep in the Winter Emergency Kits

Next up, you'll learn a few of the items and tools that you need to keep in the winter emergency kits to guarantee your drivers' safety as the cruise through in the colder months. Continue reading to learn more:
  • Useful Tools: Certain tools can save your drivers' lives (or make them a lot easier) in case of an unforeseen event. For example, a fire extinguisher, a flashlight, scissors, a snow shovel, matches, tape, a whistle, hand sanitizers, aloe vera, safety pins, tweezers, among others, should be in the vehicle.
  • Nourishment and Water: Your drivers could get snowed-in or could have a mishap when they're on a job. In those cases, they will need water and nourishment to survive while they wait for help. That's why the emergency kit should have non-perishable snacks and enough water for the drivers.
  • Protective Gear: The low temperatures can be very brutal, which is why you should provide protective gear so your drivers can stay warm. This should includes blankets, gloves, hats, an extra change of clothes, balaclavas, and more.
  • Communication Devices and Contact Information: Your drivers should have a way to communicate and someone to communicate to in case they're in an emergency. Keep communication devices (with extra batteries) and contact information in the vehicles.
  • Tools for the Vehicle: Chains for the tires, a tire jack, charger cables, and other similar tools should be in the vehicle, ready to be used, so your drivers don't get stranded in the cold.
  • A Fully Equipped First-Aid Kit: Last but most definitely not least, you need to include a first-aid kit so your drivers can treat any injuries that could take place. The first-aid kits should have:
              Basics: alcohol, tape, closure strips, band-aids, gauze, cotton, and more.
              Medicine: prescription medicine (if needed), paracetamol, antibiotics, aspirins, antiseptics, antihistamines, etc.
              Medical equipment: disposable gloves, syringes, thermometers, sterile wooden sticks, among others.

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