Seeing a big rig on the highway is a common sight in many road trips, but how many truck fleets are out there? The Bureau of Transportation Statistics records that in 2015 there were 6,504,000 Trucks in Fleets in the nation. Of those, 2,340,000 trucks were in fleets containing 15 or more trucks. 

Locally, according to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, there are currently 1,365 active motor carriers in the city of Dallas. That’s a little more than one fleet per square kilometer. Multiply this number by the average fleet size and you’ll realize that there are a lot of fleet trucks on the road. 

Standing Out From the Pack 

So, if you offer fleet services in Dallas, you will need something extra to stand out from the crowd and a clean fleet can be that difference. Fleet Clean USA: Dallas offers professional exterior washes that will leave your entire fleet looking new. We offer different levels or service to meet all needs, from quick maintenance rinses to premium detail washes that include scrubbing the wheels and tires, spraying the frame rails, a tire shine, and more! Presenting a clean fleet to customers at pickup and delivery will help you stand out from the crowd and instill a sense of pride in your drivers. Plus, with Fleet Clean USA: Dallas’ mobile service, it’s even easier and more convenient to have your entire fleet shining like new. 

Revoked Fleets 

In addition to keeping a track of all active fleets, TxDMV.gov also has a database of all revoked motor carriers. A revoked fleet cannot operate and has had their carrier’s certificate rescinded due to: a lack of insurance, administrative action, safety of noncompliance issues, at the request of DPGS, Enforcement Division, or at the request of the customer. At the time of writing, the TxDMV database listed 1,402 revoked fleets, more than the active number. 

Avoid Being Revoked 

In order to make sure your fleet doesn’t appear on the revoked database, make sure that you have all of your forms in order. Also, keep an eye out for changes to any statues and rules that would apply to your fleet, remember that not knowing about a statue or law isn’t justification for failing to comply. The TxDMV site has all the transportation codes available for viewing so you can always stay updated and informed. 

While there are many reasons for a fleet’s certificate to be rescinded, frequent cleaning can help ensure that safety and health issues aren’t one of those causes. Fleet Clean USA: Dallas offers FDA/USDA trailer washouts that can help fleets hauling food products, pharmaceuticals, or any refrigerated products stay up to code. Our staff takes care when cleaning out drain holes and crevices to make sure you avoid: mold and mildew, cross-contamination, food-borne illness, and rodent or insect infestation. Don’t let your shipment get rejected by the receiver due to cleanliness issues, contact us today! 

Clean Fleet: Inside and Out 

In addition to providing external cleaning services, Fleet Clean USA: Dallas also provides interior cabin cleaning. A clean cabin interior can help improve driver morale and reduce sick days. Mold, mildew, bacteria, and dust mites could all be building up inside vehicles. These pollutants can cause driver illnesses which leads to an increase in sick days for your fleet. 

Our interior steam cleaning uses less than a gallon of water per hour, utilizing the Carmen Super Inox™ allows us to inject a biodegradable cleaning solution at the touch of a button. Our steam cleaning solution is eco-friendly and disinfects as it cleans, leaving interiors deodorized. 

In addition to steam cleaning interiors, we offer various traditional interior cleaning packages: basic, basic plus, semi-detail, and full detail. Our different packages let you decide whether your fleet needs a quick touch up or a full deep cleaning. 

Best Fleet Services in Dallas 

Whatever your needs, Fleet Clean USA: Dallas has a service to help keep your trucks on the road: exterior washes, trailer washouts, interior cleaning, and more. Contact us for a quote or to get more information on any of our services and remember that we count with mobile services so we are ready to service your fleet at your location.