A Dirty Truck Can Affect Your Business

As your fleet travel all around the country they constantly face bird droppings, animal and insect remains, acids, road salts, mud, dirt, and many other types of contaminants. The best way to combat the war against corrosion, grime, and maintain your fleet's longevity is to keep a clean fleet. A truck is more than just a means of transportation, a truck is basically a walking billboard, and it's a reflection of the brand. Keeping your fleet clean is important not only for the brand's image, but for the longevity of the truck. What does it mean for your fleet to stay clean? Learn about the consequences of a dirty fleet with Fleet Clean USA: Dallas.

A Dirty Truck Often Means Inspection

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is more likely to stop a dirty truck for roadside inspection. A dirty truck indicates that you're not really concerned about vehicle upkeep. After being pulled over for your trucks unclean state, the DOT will look for further problems such as faulty lights, defective tires, worn brakes, anything that proves you don't take care of the vehicle. The truck's exterior isn't the only part taken into consideration, the state of the cabin is important too. A messy, stinky pigsty of a cabin shows that the driver doesn't look out after their truck's maintenance.

An inspection means, that your driver will be losing transportation time which can be costly on their wages and cause late deliveries which can damage your reputation. It also means that there will be a ticket involved and chances are it could be very costly. Finally, worst case scenario, if the truck is found to have certain violations, it may be ordered to be grounded until the issues are fixed. Roadside repairs are expensive and it also means delivery delays are unavoidable.

Keeping your truck clean with Fleet Clean USA: Dallas mobile truck wash services will prevent your truck from looking suspicious and reduce its chances of being pulled over. Even if it does get pulled over for inspection, it will probably be released sooner than if it was dirty. Call Fleet Clean USA: Dallas at (877) 477-9274 for a free wash demonstration. They will come to you according to your schedule needs.

A Dirty Truck has a Shorter Life Expectancy

Trucks come in contact with many harmful elements while on the road. Elements like de-icing chemicals, pollution residue, salt, and other harmful chemicals. While they don't damage the truck immediately, long-term exposure can result in corrosion, costly damages, and a reduced life expectancy. The truck needs to be properly washed by someone who knows what to do and what to look for. They need to pay special attention underneath the vehicle where many important and expensive components are located and where most of the harmful chemicals end up. You truck washing service provider must also be aware that water can reactivate some dried de-icing chemicals  clinging to the truck, and take the necessary measures not to push them deeper into the truck's components.

A Dirty Truck Might Not Be Able to Cross Borders

If your truck is going to be crossing the Canadian border it better be clean. The Canadian Border Services Agency is prohibiting the entrance to trucks it deems too dirty, because the importation of soil into the country is prohibited. The importation of soil into Canada is not allowed because plant pests, invisible to the naked eye, can travel in the soil under driver's vehicles.  Entrance to Canada can be refused under the authority of the Canadian Plan Protection Act. No matter which part of the U.S. your truck is coming from, it better be clean and free of soil before arriving to Canada.

A Dirty Truck Can Hide More Problems

Sometimes the amount of filth and gunk stuck to the vehicle can hide problems from drivers and technicians. A clean truck makes it easier for them to notice issues like electrical problems, damage and cracks to components, and chaffing lines. When everything is covered in dirt, problems are harder to spot. Catching an issue before it has time to grow into a serious problem can save you a lot of money and keep the driver, the truck, and fellow drivers safe.

A Dirty Truck Can Mean No New Customers

As we said before, trucks are rolling billboards. A clean and good-looking truck can attract more drivers and new customers. Given a choice between driving a truck from a fleet of shiny clean vehicles or one whose trucks are covered in filth and dirt, which do you think the drivers will choose? Now, think about the message you want to send to potential customers. No one wants to be represented by someone who presents a poor image. After all, shippers see carriers as extensions of themselves, they want their products to be properly represented. 

For a Clean and Well Maintained Fleet in Dallas

Fleet Clean USA: Dallas wants your fleet to represent you brand properly, which is why they offer their wash services. For a dependable and prompt service call them at 877) 477-927. Keeping your trucks clean is an important part of their maintenance.