Driving long distances is what your fleet does. To make sure that they do their job safely, read and follow the tips in this post by Fleet Clean USA in Dallas, TX.

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How to Drive Long Distances

Prepare for the Endeavor Accurately

Needless to say, driving long distances is quite the endeavor (if it wasn't, there would be no point to this post). This is why, the first tip is to ensure your drivers have prepared for the ride accurately. To do so, you should remind them that they need to take care of a couple of things:
  • Of course, they will need to sleep and eat well. If they're tired, dehydrated, or malnourished, their body and mind won't be able to make the trip effectively. Especially during the days leading up to the drive, they should take good care of their health to guarantee a safe and smooth ride.
  • If you have a fleet, then your drivers already know which route to take. Still, it's important that you give them direction (be it through written directions, a GPS, or another method). Knowing where they're going will help them be mentally prepared to get there.
  • Another good way to help your drivers get ready for the long drive is to inform them of the weather forecast. Having an idea of what to expect, can allow them to gather any necessary items they may need to work through the weather conditions.
  • And speaking of packing necessary items, remind your drivers of what they need to take to have a successful long drive (from extra clothing, to toiletries, snacks, and enough water).
  • Your fleet should also know to dress comfortably in order to withstand the long time on the driver's seat in an easier manner. Wearing tight clothing, for example, may interfere with their focus, their energy levels, and their effectiveness.
  • Lastly, verify that your drivers leave with time. Having enough time to get to their destination will let them take the trip easy. They won't rush or put themselves in danger during the long drive ahead.

Keep Your Fleet in Top Shape

Part of preparing to engage in a long drive (like the ones your fleet commonly works through), is to make sure that the vehicles are in mint shape. This way, your drivers will be safe, your fleet will be able to endure the ride, and you will save time and money on the vehicles' maintenance.

That's why, you should have a professional mechanic look into them with regularity. Part of the fleet's maintenance should also include getting the vehicles washed every so often, so that they can remain in top working condition for a lot longer.

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Remain Focused

One of the most dangerous things about driving long distances is that, after some time, the road can become monotonous, boring, and tiring. This is when drivers start to get distracted: they look at their phones, fall asleep, or simply stop paying attention to what's in front of them.

Still, even if your drivers know a road by heart, they never know what changing conditions could present themselves this time around. That's why, you should remind them to do their best to remain focused, drive gently, and follow the traffic signs.

If they ever have trouble staying concentrated, they can find a few ways to keep themselves entertained. For instance, they can create a playlist to take with them on the road, full of songs they enjoy and can sing along to. Or, if possible, they can have a co-pilot who they can talk to, rely on, and share the burden of the long ride with.

Stop When Needed

Last but not least, your drivers should know to stop whenever they begin to feel drowsy. Being tired behind the wheel is incredibly dangerous, as it can lead to serious accidents.

You should also tell your drivers that relying on caffeine or sugary beverages won't be of much help when their body and mind begin to feel exhausted.

When they feel their energies depleting, the best thing they can do is find somewhere safe where they can stop to rest for awhile. It's even recommended that they take a small break every two hours to avoid fatigue.

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