Driving during an especially sunny day can be dangerous. Share the tips in this post by Fleet Clean USA in Dallas, TX with your drivers to ensure they stay safe when the sun rays are intense. 

When you think about dangerous situations to drive through, you probably think about driving in rainy days or at night. However, believe it or not, driving during a particularly sunny day can be hazardous, too. The sun can be harsh and bothersome, especially here in Texas. For that reason, you should instruct your drivers on what they should do to drive safely when the rays are beaming hard. Share the following tips with them to that end.

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How to Drive Safely on a Sunny Day

Stay Protected from the Sun

The biggest danger you’re exposed to when driving during an intensely sunny day is that of contracting skin cancer. You won’t experience the consequences right away but, if you’re not careful, you could develop the potentially fatal disease.

Take measures to protect yourself from the sun. This includes slathering sunscreen on (yes, even if you’re inside the vehicle). It’s also recommended that you wear long sleeves, sunglasses, a hat, and that you use the vehicle’s visor, so you’re not exposed to the sun.

Drink Enough Water

Dehydration is another problem that may arise from sitting in a hot vehicle for too long. The more the sun rays hit you, the more you’ll sweat and lose hydration. To prevent that, you need to drink enough water when you’re driving. And no, coffee, sugary drinks, or soda, do not count as water.If you’re already dehydrated, and you start to feel dizzy, nauseous, and light headed, move to the side of the road to hydrate yourself, and visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Provide Maintenance for the Vehicles

Of course, keeping the vehicles in top shape will help the drivers stay safe in any situation. That’s why, now that the extreme summer days are here, you should also provide maintenance for the vehicles. Verifying that they’re in top working condition will guarantee that the engine won’t overheat, that the tires will withstand the contact with the scorching ground, that the AC will work as desired, and more.

Keep the Vehicles Clean

A surprising factor that could impact a driver’s safety during an especially sunny summer day, is the vehicle’s cleanliness. This is because, if you don’t wash the vehicles with regularity, they will begin to accumulate dust. This can be very problematic if the dust particles settle on the windshield. When the sun rays hit those particles, the glare will become too intense to look through. To prevent an accident due to a dirty windshield, keep the vehicles clean.

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Avoid Road Rage at All Costs

As mentioned in a previous post, road rage can be very dangerous, as it can lead to mistakes and accidents. However, as the heat increases, so does the instances of road rage. That’s why you need to be aware of your emotions and do your best to avoid raging out at all costs. Keep a cool environment, meditate inside the vehicle, take the high road if an issue with another driver takes place, and try other methods to stop yourself from being affected by road rage.

Choose the Right Time to Drive

This next tip won’t always be realistic, especially if you’re a driver with a schedule to follow. However, whenever possible, choose the right time to drive to shield yourself from the vicious sun rays and the problems they can cause. Avoid driving when the sun is at its brightest to steer away from some of the inconveniences that it can bring.

Don’t Be Blinded

Obviously, being able to see is incredibly important when you’re driving. Probably the most annoying and immediately dangerous thing that can happen when driving on a particularly sunny day is getting blinded by the glare. To ensure the glare won’t get in the way of your well-being, you need to wear sunglasses and keep your eyes down on the lines that delineate the road.

Be Extra Careful

Lastly, even though this is a tip that any driver should follow at all times, you need to be extra careful during the intensely lit summer days. Allow more space between you and the vehicles around you, so you don’t hit anything if the sun gets in your eyes.

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