Fleet Clean USA® was founded in 2009 with the promise of re-writing the rules of fleet washing. The principal and key personnel have been in the truck washing industry for many years and have dedicated thousands of hours to learning the intricacies of the field. Our franchisees are highly trained in the fleet cleaning industry and maintain the same high standards Fleet Clean USA was founded upon. 

Fleet Clean utilizes proprietary technology and top-of-the-line training, and has thus broken new ground in the trucking industry by operating with peak efficiency and reliability. For our customers, this results in the greatest possible attention to detail and an ability to operate whenever and wherever you need us. For our franchisees (equipped with Fleet Clean’s innovative technology), this provides a proven business model.

Fleet Clean is built from the ground up to be an efficient, effective, and friendly company. We make sure to treat our customers, franchisees, and employees like family. We do our best to simply do the right thing every day, and good things follow. You can be confident that your fleet is in good hands, and will receive the best wash in the industry.

Quality control and customer satisfaction are our primary goals. It all comes down to customer satisfaction – Our satisfied customers report an increase in their own customer satisfaction! The Fleet Clean structure was designed with accommodation and flexibility in mind. 

Working around your schedule is just how we do business!


Our mission at Fleet Clean is to be an excellent company every day of the year. Fleet Clean believes in the traditional values of building trust in our relationships and holding true to our word; whether with our employees, franchisees, vendors or our customers we believe in treating each individual like family. The attention to detail we put into each vehicle wash is the focus we give to everything we do. We measure quality with our own yardstick. 

Even though we are old-fashioned in our relationships, we are cutting edge in the way we do things, employing innovative technology to simplify processes, operating with ever-increasing efficiency. Fleet Clean is committed to  helping the world we love by reducing our use of paper, reclaiming water, reducing our emissions, and using only environmentally safe products.


One major difference between Fleet Clean and many competing vehicle washing providers is the usage of inexperienced subcontract workers.  With Fleet Clean, all of the work is completed by properly trained Fleet Clean employees and franchisees using well-maintained and reliable Fleet Clean equipment.

With our competitors it is common to have improperly trained subcontractors operating on equipment that may not be as reliable resulting in a lower quality service. Fleet Clean also maintains enough equipment on hand for backup solutions that if equipment does fail; a replacement is immediately available to ensure uninterrupted service for our clients.

The thorough training that Fleet Clean employees and franchisees receive includes quality, procedures and safety.  Fleet Clean goes over and above the regulatory requirements for safety procedures and equipment for good reason.  In addition to having a happier, healthy team, there is tangible costs savings with a safe work environment.  Lower insurance rates for us mean less liability and lower prices for our clients.

Fleet Clean crew members wear safety glasses on all job-sites and receive on-going safety training. 
MSDS Sheets for all chemicals used by Fleet Clean are kept in binders on each truck.

Safety procedures on the jobsite and in transit to and from jobsites is of great importance to Fleet Clean.  Accordingly employees follow safety requirements that go above 
and beyond the regulatory requirements for our industry.

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