Diesel engines are meant to be strong and powerful. For the ones in your fleet to remain that way, there are things you definitely shouldn't do to them. Learn what to stay away from in this post by Fleet Clean USA in Dallas, TX.

In most cases, trucks and bigger vehicles run with a diesel engine. This is mainly because they have to be powerful and strong in order to fulfill the tasks they're intended for, and the diesel engine allows them to achieve just that. That's why it should come as no surprise that the trucks in your fleet have a diesel engine to help them perform as expected.

Still, just as there are things that you should do to maintain your diesel engines in mint shape for longer, there are things you definitely shouldn't do to them if you want to keep them performing at their best. To learn what practices to stay away from in your own fleet, continue reading the post below.

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How Not to Treat Your Diesel Engine

Forgetting to Change the Filters

The trucks in your fleet have oil, fuel, and air filters that help keep nasty gunk away from key components, since it can interfere with their performance. Still, after time and use, those filters become dirty and they need to be replaced.

A big mistake is to forget about the replacements, as it means that your trucks will be exposed to all kinds of filth. This will ultimately damage the diesel engines and other important components beyond repair.

Neglecting to Replace the Oil

Probably the best thing you can do for your diesel engines' maintenance is replace their oil with regularity. On the other hand, one of the worst things you can do to them is to neglect to replace it. The oil is in charge of coating the diesel engine with a lubricating and protective film. Failing to keep up with this task will result in your whole fleet getting damaged due to increased friction between the engines' components.

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Not Paying Attention to Its Fluids

Your diesel trucks have other key components that you should look after, not only the engine. For example, you should also take good care of the transmission and cooling systems if you want to have a functional fleet for longer. Said systems also need fluids to function correctly, so pay attention to them to keep your fleet working smoothly.

Driving with a Cold Engine

Something your workers should know is that they shouldn't drive the trucks on a cold engine. Especially as we're going through the winter months, not warming up the engine before riding off will cause a lot of strain on it, since the vehicle's fluids will be thicker and will struggle to circulate through the components. Instruct your drivers to warm up the engines for a couple of minutes to avoid a dire scenario.

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Not Having Routine Inspections

Needless to say, the mechanic should be a regular visitor of your place of work if you want to keep your fleet in perfect working condition. Not having them there for routine inspections may result in your vehicles breaking down and your company losing a lot of money. To avoid that, always have a mechanic nearby that can assess the vehicles' condition and keep them going strong.

Letting Your Fleet Get Dirty

Last but not least, one thing you definitely shouldn't do to your diesel engine is let it get dirty. You would be surprised to learn how much damage a speck of dust can do to a mighty truck when left to its own devices. Basically, it hinders its performance and shortens its lifespan. As Truck Trend Magazine mentions, keeping your trucks clean is the number 1 rule to follow if you want them to last forever. Plus, having a squeaky clean fleet will help you put your best face forward for your clients.

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