When choosing the right fleet cleaning company to service your trucks, there are many things you should consider. The price, their cleaning methods, their reputation, their results, just to mention a few. Before deciding on the company who will entrust with your whole fleet, you should ask them many questions and keep on doing so until you find your right match.  Fleet Clean USA: Dallas, brings you a list of questions you should ask your fleet washing company prior to making a decision. The company should be able to respond them promptly and confidently, if you call Fleet Clean USA: Dallas, you'll surely get the answers you need and you can schedule a free washing demonstration to examine their work.

8 Questions You Should Ask a Fleet Cleaning Company Before Hiring Them in Dallas, TX

  1. Is the service truly worth the price? Many prospective clients shy away from fleet cleaning services because they seem too costly for them. You need to look at it from another perspective, think about the consequences of keeping a dirty fleet, and about the fact that proper fleet maintenance can save you money in the long run. Clean trucks burn less fuel and operate more efficiently, they also have a longer lifespan. Don't think of truck washing as an expense, think of an investment that will bring long-term results. Safety and proper maintenance are the keys to a company's success.
  2. How many vehicles can you wash in an hour? The correct answer to this question shouldn't be a big number. If a company washes many trucks in a single hour it only means that they're performing a rushed job and the results are most likely not the ones you would hope for. It's about quality not quantity. Don't go for the fleet wash company that services as many as 22-30 trucks in an hour if you expect the best results. Instead choose Fleet Clean USA: Dallas, where they only wash six to eight trucks per hour. You'll be guaranteed a superb result as they hand brush wash the entire truck to make sure all the dirt and grime is cleared away.
  3. Do you pressure wash, hand brush wash, or what's your washing method? Most reputable companies will tell you that hand brushing is their preferred cleaning method. What you need to know is if they only brush parts of the truck or do they service the whole thing? If it's one of those fleet cleaning companies that do over 20 trucks in an hour, they're probably spot brushing, which means it's less likely that they're thoroughly removing all accumulated filth.
  4. Do you use eco-friendly products? We all care about reducing out negative impact on the important, which is why it's important to ask if the chemicals used to wash your fleet are biodegradable. You need a company who not only cares about their environmental effect, but also complies with jurisdictional regulations. Biodegradable products are more expensive than non-biodegradable, and that reflects on the price of the service. Going for the cheaper option can end up more costly as you'd probably have to spend that "saved" money in legal fees and fines for not complying with regulations. Fleet Clean USA: Dallas uses completely eco-friendly cleaning products, you can ask about them when you call them to get your free quote. Your fleet and drivers will thank you later. Call them up at (877) 477-9274 and get a free wash demonstration in Dallas.
  5. Do you outsource your work? Outsourcing is a way for a fleet washing company to save money. By subcontracting another company, you're most likely to receive sub-par cleaning results and lose a large part of quality control. Companies who outsource don't hold the accountability corporate owned operations keep. If they do outsource it should be in areas like accounting or IT, which are not reflected on the cleaning results.
  6. Is your mobile unit fully contained? Preferably your fleet washing company should count with fully equipped mobile units. When the company uses your water or electricity, the resulting price for their services can be highly elevated. Fleet Clean USA: Dallas counts with mobile units equipped with water, power, water reclamation equipment, brushing, spraying and cleaning apparatus, and all other necessary equipment.
  7. Does the company reclaim the waste water? The Clean Water Act states that only rain water be allowed down a storm drain. This means that your fleer washing company should count with a power washer to reclaim all waste water used to clean trucks. Preventing waste water from entering storm drains protects streams, rivers, and lakes, which we use to drink water. Fleet Clean USA: Dallas mobile units count with waste water vacuum systems
  8. Can I speak to the owner of the company if a problem arises? Customer satisfaction should be a company's number one priority. You should be able to contact the owner or manager of the company if any problem arises. Otherwise, it might mean that they are such a big company that they don't care about your business, or such a small company that they're simply doing too much and are unavailable to take calls. 

For a Quality Fleet Washing Company Call Fleet Clean USA: Dallas

Call Fleet Clean USA: Dallas to answer these and any more of your questions. Fleet Clean USA: Dallas is a company you can trust to deliver the results you need. Call them at (877) 477-9274 to ask for a free quote and schedule a free washing demonstration.