Roadside breakdowns can cost money and time.  Failures are bound to happen, the gravity and price of the situation all depend on how your fleet handles it. These are some of the most common mistakes you should avoid when dealing with a breakdown.

Even the Best Drivers Need Roadside Assistance

Roadside breakdowns, what a headache! Unfortunately, no driver is exempt from some form of failure. Even the most carefully maintained fleets can fail at some point. A busted tire or malfunction in the electrical system are common happenings for truck drivers. Breakdowns affect the driver’s schedule and the relationship with the customers. The thing about roadside breakdowns is that not every fleet knows how to manage the process. A roadside repair ends up being more costly and time-consuming than it should be. These are some of the most common mistakes fleet managers make when it comes to roadside breakdowns.

Failing to Maintain Your Trucks Adequately

Breakdowns might be inevitable, but the frequency in which they occur can be avoided.  It’s all about prevention with proper pre-trip inspection, and maintenance before the trucks leave the yard. A flat or busted tire could be prevented by filling it up to the appropriate tire pressure before getting on the road. Same for an overheated engine, if you notice there’s a problem with the cooling system or the engine is running low on oil, you fix it before a trip. Basic maintenance is key to a healthy fleet.

Not Having a Breakdown Service Provider

Time is of the essence for truck drivers. There’s no time to waste looking for a breakdown service provider in the middle of the road. You should have some approved options at hand if your fleet ever needs roadside assistance. You also need to provide your drivers with numbers of who they can call in these situations. As for the person behind the phone? They need to be capable, attentive, and competent. They need to be able to communicate the driver’s problems to the repair service so they can take action.

Focusing Solely on the Price

Yes, the price is extremely important when you’re considering a service. You don’t want anyone to rip you off. Focusing just on the cost of the roadside service instead of the extent and the quality of their service is a mistake you should never make. You will always find someone who does the job for less, but if their service is terrible, you’ll only end up losing money. Your driver’s safety is more important than the price. In fact, one of the reasons why drivers quit is because they’re not happy with their supervisor and the perks of their job. Don’t let your drivers suffer the consequences of your money saving tendencies. Look at different options before settling on a service provider.

Not Getting All the Breakdown Information

How are you supposed to provide your drivers the assistance they need if you don’t get all the proper information? Time is too valuable to lose looking for your driver’s exact location. Their precise location is one of the first things you should jot down. You also need to get all the details the driver can tell you about the possible cause of the breakdown. Is there a fault code? Is it a tire? What did the driver hear right before the problem started? Were there any warning signs lighting up? The service provider needs to know this information so they can dispatch the appropriate tow truck or service. The more information is available, the easier it will be to find a solution.

It’s easier to find possible problems when your fleet is clean. A thorough wash can help detect small issues that can potentially turn into the cause of a roadside breakdown. Keep your fleet clean by calling Fleet Clean USA: Dallas at (877) 477-9274.

Not Paying Attention to Breakdown Data

This is why it’s important to consider the services the provider includes. A quality breakdown service provider will not only get the truck up and running, but they will also provide you with information and data on the event. If they notice an issue with the truck, they let you know so you can get it fixed and maybe check if your other trucks are failing in that area too. Breakdown data allows you to evaluate your maintenance services so you can improve them. Examine the breakdown reports so you can make appropriate changes.

For a Clean and Well Maintained Fleet in Dallas

Your fleet should represent your brand, which is why it should always look nice and clean. Fleet Clean USA: Dallas offers their fleet washing services. Call (877) 477-9274 to learn about how they can help you maintain a perfectly functioning and clean fleet.