The heat affects your trucks and your drivers; you need both of them in good health to keep providing your services. There are some parts of your fleet that are particularly affected by the heat. Find out which truck components need special maintenance during the summer.

Although we’re half way through summer already, the temperature is still on the rise here in Texas. Preventative summer maintenance against the heat can reduce the risk of costly fixes and keep your fleet on the road.  There are some components in your trucks that require special attention when the temperature is high. Fleet Clean USA: Dallas, TX suggests these fleet care tips to keep your vehicles in great shape and prevent them from being affected by the top summer heat issues.

The Engine

The engine is the heart of every type of vehicle on the road. You might think that oil is all an engine needs to give its best performance, but it’s not. Oil does help lower the engine’s temperature, which is crucial in warm weather. However, the engine needs the cooling system to maintain an appropriate temperature and not overheat. Part of your summer fleet maintenance and protecting your engine should be checking and refilling the coolant levels. If the coolant has been in there for over 24 months, it needs to be thoroughly flushed to ensure that it will do its cooling job during the summer. When you get the coolant flushed, don’t forget to change the oil and oil filter too, hauling such heavy loads, your fleet’s engines need all the lubrication they can get to help lower their temperature.

The Tires

The tires do so much for your truck. Of course, they keep it safely rolling, but they also affect your fuel economy. Having the right tire pressure during summer is of utmost importance. The changing temperatures raise the tire’s pressure approximately one to two PSI for every 10-degree increase. When the air pressure is low, the tires bend in ways they were not meant to, they start bulging outward and putting unnecessary pressure on the tire sidewall, which results in poor fuel economy, reduced tread life, and irregular wear. Not to mention underinflated tires produce even more heat, and mixed with enough pressure they will eventually blow up. Overinflated tires are also a risk for your fleet because they make less contact with the road and are more likely to hydroplane during summer storms.

Tires, in general, are more susceptible to wear due to the summer heat. The excessive temperature can make the tread portion of the tire softer, making them more vulnerable to punctures due to metal objects, screws, nails, and road debris. Tires (and spares) should be thoroughly checked at least once a month and inflated to the proper pressure every time your driver is about to hit the road.

Truck Wash

Keeping your trucks clean is a big part of maintaining your fleet. The summer sun is even harsher on your vehicle’s paint job; a thorough wash and wax can help protect it from damaging UV rays. You can call Clean Fleet USA: Dallas TX at  (877) 477-9274 to schedule your fleet wash. They will go wherever you need them to go and do a fantastic cleaning job in both exteriors and interiors.

Air Conditioning System

It would be an abuse to let your drivers drive without a functioning air conditioner.  The heat can affect your driver’s health, and without drivers, you have no fleet. You need to test each one of your trucks air conditioning units and if you notice any issue, a technician must check it out immediately. The tech needs to check that there’s enough refrigerant. When the coolant levels are low, the compressor needs to work harder and can potentially fail.  They should also verify that the fan works correctly when the A/C system is turned on.


The heat can cause battery problems, especially with modern batteries. A battery has a three to five-year life span, but you should consider changing it before this so that your drivers don’t have to struggle to deal with an unexpected dead battery. Also, you should make sure that the terminals are tight and that there’s no corrosion polluting the battery.

Part of Your Summer Maintenance Should Include Washing Your Fleet in Dallas

If there is a problem with any of the trucks in your fleet, a good wash can help reveal it. Save your drivers from suffering the consequences of a dirty truck while they are in route by maintaining a clean fleet. Call Fleet Clean USA: Dallas TX to learn about their fleet washing services, which include exterior and interior cleaning. You don’t need to worry about moving your whole fleet; they will come to you. You can reach them at (877) 477-9274 to request your free quote.