Truck drivers should be your number one concern when it comes to maintaining your fleet. Care for them and inspire them to stay healthy so they can perform a good job. Here are some tips!

5 Tips to Keep Your Truck Drivers Healthy While Travelling

Caring about your driver should be on top of your list when it comes to caring for your fleet. After all, who's going to drive your trucks if the drivers get sick? It's really hard for drivers to maintain a healthy diet while on the road, even more so to get a little bit of exercise mixed in. Let's not forget the many hours of isolation they go through while driving. All the constant travel can cause serious damage to their physical and mental health. Fleet Clean USA: Dallas TX brings you the following tips to help you keep your drivers healthy while they travel.

Eating Habits

Let's be honest, maintaining a healthy diet at home is tough, maintaining one while driving is 10 times harder. Drivers need to be realistic about the things they can do to develop healthy eating habits. They should start their days with a heavier meal and make the following meals smaller and smaller. Instead of getting that can of soda, your drivers should switch to water, which will allow them to know when they're really hungry and avoid that excess sugar. A truck's cabin is like a second home, full of cooking possibilities. Keep a cooler in each of your truck driver's cabins fully stocked with healthy on the go snacks so they don't need to worry about eating so much junk food. You can even give the truck drivers a Crockpot so they can prepare their meals. They simply need to toss in some ingredients in the morning and everything will be ready in time for dinner. There might even be some leftovers. Why not give your drivers a healthy eating seminar so they can get some ideas? Talk to them about why they need to maintain a healthy and balanced diet while they're working and how they can do it.


The importance of sleep can't be stressed enough. Many times, drivers push themselves, sacrificing precious hours of sleep to get to their destination. Sometimes the fact that they're on the road messes up with their sleep schedules, leaving them exhausted. The National Highway Safety Administration performed some studies which concluded that almost 100,000 vehicle accidents happen yearly due to sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep affects not only your truck drivers but other people on the road.

Not sleeping the necessary 7 to 8 hours a day affects a person's overall well-being. Their defenses are lowered, their minds drift, their emotions are a mess, and they can't focus on the road ahead. Talk to your truck drivers about the importance of working on their sleep habits. It might be a good idea to provide them with earplugs and a sleeping mask so they can have a better sleep. A dirty truck and cabin is no place to get a good night's rest, which is why keeping your fleet clean is of utmost importance. Call Fleet Clean USA: Dallas TX at (877) 477-9274 to learn all about their fleet cleaning services, including interior and exterior washes.


It's not likely that your truck drivers will be able to hit the gym while they're traveling, but they can do other things to stay in shape or at least moving. Get together to come up with an easy exercise plan. Maybe they can walk or jog for half an hour when they stop to use the bathroom and do some quick stretches before getting back into the trucks. Some truck stops even offer gym services, so track them down and let your drivers know about them. You can even offer incentives to get them more involved in exercising.


Smoking is not a healthy habit, and unfortunately, it's not an easy one to quit. While you can't force your truck drivers to quit smoking, you can encourage and motivate them. Maybe you can even offer incentives to the ones who do quit. Find creative ways to get your drivers to stop smoking and increase their lifespan.

Relax and Unwind

Driving can be stressful, the mere fact that your drivers are driving a big truck is stressful enough without considering checkpoints and tight schedules. Encourage them to take some time each day to unwind and relax. Take some time to read a book, listen to some music, exercise, talk on the phone (not while driving), anything that helps them relax and gain some focus. Truck drivers should get at least 10 minutes a day of "me time" to recharge, refocus, and unwind and prevent falling victims of "white line fever".

Keep Your Fleet in Shape in Dallas

Caring for your drivers is part of maintaining your fleet. Your drivers deserve to drive the best cared for trucks on the road. The consequences of driving a dirty truck are not something your drivers should be dealing with. Keep your fleet clean by calling Fleet Clean USA: Dallas TX at (877) 477-9274. You can ask for a free quote or schedule a free wash to try out their services in Dallas.