Reducing fuel expenses is in every fleet manager’s list. Here are some tips to help make your fleet safer and more fuel efficient.

Help Your Drivers Reduce Their Fuel Expenses

Fuel costs are one of the biggest expenses any fleet driver has to deal with. It’s imperative that you communicate to your fleet drivers about the importance of being fuel efficient. Here you’ll find some tips that you can pass along to your drivers to help them reduce their fuel expenses and save some money while out on the road.

Regular Checkups

Regardless of whether you’re trying to reduce your fleet’s fuel expenses or not, maintenance should be a priority if you hope to maintain your fleet effectively. Before every trip, your drivers should make sure that their vehicle is in good shape. They need to check the tire pressure at least once a week. Underinflated tires can reduce the truck’s fuel efficiency by up to 3%. They should also check the oil regularly to make sure the engine has enough lubrication. Poorly lubricated motors need to work harder. Those are the two essential check-ups your drivers should perform before taking off on the road. Of course, all trucks need a more thorough routine maintenance to stay in top shape and improve their fuel intake.

Lighten the Load and Do Some Cleaning

All those unnecessary extra pounds that your drivers carry around in their trailers can significantly reflect on their fuel consumption. In fact, for every additional 100 pounds, the fuel efficiency can drop by 1-2%. Your drivers obviously need to carry tools and their personal belongings, but they no longer need to bring their winter clothes or other unnecessary supplies. It’s time to declutter and leave behind everything that they don’t really need. Your drivers should clean up their vehicles and get rid of any trash that might be gathering there. Once their trucks are garbage-free, give Fleet Clean USA a call at (877) 477-9274 so they can wash your fleet’s interiors and exteriors. Maybe that extra grime is making the trucks heavier too. Call them up to learn about their various cleaning services.

Check the Temperature

The truck’s air conditioning system can also have a major effect on its fuel efficiency. Part of your spring/summer truck maintenance should include checking the air conditioning system to make sure it’s in top shape. It’s important that your drivers keep their cabin temperature regulated, not too hot and not too cold. With the coming warmer months, your drivers will most likely want to blast the A/C to stay cool. Maybe they can alternate between rolling their windows down and using the air conditioner to save on fuel.

Respect the Speed Limit

Your drivers should always stick to the speed limit for legal and corporate reasons. They don’t want their fast driving to cause them to get a penalty. Besides, adhering to the speed limit is also a way to save fuel. Accelerating might get you where you want to be faster, but likewise, it can get you speeding tickets and increase your risk of an accident. Talk to your drivers about respecting the speed limits and planning their journey instead of accelerating to get to their destination on time.  It might take them longer to get there, but they will save a lot of fuel in the process.

Sit Back and Relax

Tense and stressed drivers are less efficient. You should give your drivers some tips so they can try to stay relaxed while driving. Things like taking deep breaths to clear their minds or even doing some mental math problems to keep the brain working should do the trick. We all have emotional situations that might distract us and make us less efficient, but they should interfere with our driving. In this case, with your drivers’ driving and safety.

Call Fleet Clean to Keep Your Trucks Clean in Dallas

It’s easier to find potential problems in a clean truck. By keeping your fleet clean you can prevent severe and expensive damages, and in the process save some fuel and make your fleet more environmentally friendly. So call Fleet Clean USA: Dallas at (877) 477-9274 to learn about their cleaning services and schedule your cleaning session in Dallas.