Spring makes the conditions right to do some cleaning. The days are longer, and the weather is ideal to get some spring cleaning done. Here are some spring cleaning tips that can help make your fleet more efficient.

Spring Clean Your Fleet in Dallas

Spring is the air, flowers are blooming, the days are longer, and the temperature is rising. It’s prime time to do some spring cleaning. Cleaning and maintaining your fleet can make it safer and more eco-friendly. Here are some simple tasks to get your trucks ready to face the coming warmer months.

Exterior Washing
If your trucks have been traveling on snowy roads, the salt deposits can build up under the vehicles. You will need to clean them thoroughly to prevent possible corrosion. A pressure washer will do the job of cleaning the underside of the trucks, but you need to be careful with the rubber areas and the oil seals. Instead of undertaking the truck wash on your own, you should call Fleet Clean USA: Dallas to do the job for you. They offer four different exterior cleaning services to suit your specific needs. You can call them at (877) 477-9274 to learn more about their fleet cleaning services. Before you hire Fleet Clean USA: Dallas or any other cleaning service be sure to ask them the right questions to ensure you'll get the best service.

Clean the Interior

Drivers spend a lot of time inside their trucks cabins. The area is like their second home, which means they eat and sleep there. The place is probably not the cleanest. Some spring cleaning can change all that. Fleet Clean USA: Dallas also does interior cleaning and interior steam detailing for your trucks. Since drivers most likely won't be dealing with snow any time soon, they can ditch the shovel, extra blankets, and the winter gear they carry around in their trucks. Lightening their load can help improve their fuel efficiency.

Window Cleaning

Dirty windshields make the sun's glare significantly worse. Less visibility means a higher risk of an accident. Avoid the need for roadside assistance by making sure that your driver's windows are spotless before they take off.

Remember the Wipers

Window wipers should be replaced twice a year at least. Spring is the perfect time to replace the blades, especially after the hard work they probably went through this winter. If any of the vehicles in your fleet is currently sporting cracked blades or wipers that only make more of a mess or strange noises, you should change them. If the wipers are still in good shape, make sure they're clean so they can keep on doing a good job. After your wipers are good and ready to clean, you should check that the wiper washer fluid is topped off. Spring is the start of the onslaught of bugs and flies. Insects have no room on your drivers' windshields.

Check the Fluids

Spring brings warmer weather, which means it's more likely that one of your trucks can overheat if it's not properly maintained. It's time to top off the anti-freeze to prevent expensive engine damage. It might also be a good idea to replace the motor oil as it helps regulate the engine's temperature as well.

Tire Pressure and Alignment

If you made the switch to winter tires last year, it's time to swap them back to your regular tires. Winter tires are not meant for spring and summer roads. Be sure that the tires air pressure is correct and that the tread depth meets the legal minimum. It might be time to replace your fleet's tires. After the slippery winter roads and navigating through uneven road surfaces and potholes, your fleet's tires probably need to be aligned. Misaligned tires can affect handling and make the truck unsafe.

Test the Air Conditioner

Soon your drivers will start making full use of their air conditioning systems. You need to make sure that your fleet drivers are comfortable in their vehicles with a fully functioning A/C. You should service your fleet's air conditioning system every two years, according to most manufacturer' recommendations. At least, refill the refrigerant this spring.

Replace the Filter

With all the flowers in bloom, pollen is found aplenty in the air. If any of your drivers suffer from allergies, they're going to have a tough time if their air filter is dirty. Have your air filters clean or replaced to get rid of dirt, debris, pollen, and other contaminants that pollute the quality of the cabin's air.

Spring Clean Your Fleet in Dallas With the Help of Fleet Clean USA

Did you know that having a dirty and poorly maintained truck can be one of the reasons why drivers leave? Don't let that happen to you! Give your fleet a good spring cleaning inside and out by calling Fleet Clean USA: Dallas at (877) 477-9274 and schedule your cleaning appointment in Dallas