Drivers have many expenses while they’re out on the road. While you can’t tell them how to spend their hard-earned money, you can advise them on how to reduce their expenses and save while traveling.

Talk to Your Drivers About Ways to Save Money on the Road

As a fleet manager, you’re responsible...
An efficient fleet manager knows their drivers, communicates with them and can plan for a rainy day. Here you’ll find some tips to make your fleet management skills more efficient and effective.

Listen to Your Drivers

One of the many reasons why drivers quit is that they feel that their...
Roadside breakdowns can cost money and time.  Failures are bound to happen, the gravity and price of the situation all depend on how your fleet handles it. These are some of the most common mistakes you should avoid when dealing with a breakdown.

Even the Best Drivers Need Roadside Assistance

Driving during the winter requires changing your driving style and considering many natural factors that might affect your travels. Here’s what your truck drivers should remember to stay safe this winter on the road.

Winter Roads Can Be Dangerous

Winter is upon us, and with it comes the most...
An electronic logging device will be a requirement starting next month. After the initial technological change, this new mandate will bring plenty of benefits. 

Paperwork Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past 

December 18, 2017, is just around the corner, which means the Electronic Logging...
There’s no need to replace all your vehicles to have a more environmentally friendly fleet. Simple changes in your management and truck maintenance can make all the difference. Your fleet will be greener, and you will be saving some money.

Make Your Fleet More Green and Effective

Owning an...
Driver shortage affects the whole country alike. If only fleet managers could learn from each other to prevent losing drivers…well, they can! How? By learning the most common reasons why drivers quit, you can work on retaining your employees.

6 Reasons Why a Driver Chooses to Leave

There is a...
The heat affects your trucks and your drivers; you need both of them in good health to keep providing your services. There are some parts of your fleet that are particularly affected by the heat. Find out which truck components need special maintenance during the summer.

Although we’re half way...
Truck drivers should be your number one concern when it comes to maintaining your fleet. Care for them and inspire them to stay healthy so they can perform a good job. Here are some tips!

5 Tips to Keep Your Truck Drivers Healthy While Travelling

Caring about your driver should be on top of your...
When choosing the right fleet cleaning company to service your trucks, there are many things you should consider. The price, their cleaning methods, their reputation, their results, just to mention a few. Before deciding on the company who will entrust with your whole fleet, you should ask them...